Creative Cluster Development (CCD) is a Creative Industry Accelerator, founded in January 2021 with the purpose of generating bespoke happiness for anyone related to it.

It will achieve this by creating the possibility for artists to live by doing what they love to do. CCD will match art, in any and every discipline, with any type of real estate and open spaces around the world.

It has started to achieve these goals by transforming buildings with a soul, such as formerly schools, factories, banks and others, which, thanks to the amazing power of the different talents involved, flourished and instantly became references to the local art scene, amounting in 2022 to more than 20.000 sqm.

It could be said that a paintbrush, if properly used, is able to activate square meters faster than a developer, showing that when things are done in a collaborative manner, they enhance the spirit and strength of amazing individuals and give these wonderful spaces a new rebirth.

In the last six months it was decided to implement the project on a global scale, by using the most important collection of these last two decades: amazing friendships.

At the moment different venues are being analyzed around the world as well as negotiations are carried out to make these vessels, along with an advanced online platform, able to sell all of the mesmerizing creations produced by these unique individuals.

Furthermore, a percentage of the revenue created by CCD will be destined to collaborate with NGOs around the world and for crucial causes.