On show, seven different projects by International architects, designers and institutions: from residential designs to urban masterplan, from offshore aquaculture platforms to autonomous communications and living units.

A-01 (A Company / A Foundation) and its lead architect Oliver Schütte will present the No Footprint House (NFH), a toolbox for sustainable and affordable housing. The first prototype of the NFH is located in Ojochal, a small village at the edge of the vast tropical rain forests along the southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Placed in a humid tropical climate, the building design responds to its surrounding habitat by passive climate control through natural ventilation and solar shading. The project seeks for integral sustainability in terms of its environmental, economic, social and spatial performance.

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Shotgun House – Over and Under  by  Professor and Architect Bill Price is a reinterpretation of Houston’s Shotgun Houses located in the Freedman’s Towns (African-American municipalities or communities built by freedmen, former slaves who were emancipated during and after the American Civil War). This kind of building is a long narrow one story house with rooms lined back to back. Price’s reinterpretation is conceived as two Shotgun houses stacked atop one-other. With this variation access to natural light, cross ventilation, and economization of framing materials is maintained. The project is an example of Cultural and Environmental Sustainability.

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The exhibition will also include The Blue Growth Farm, an efficient, cost-competitive and environmentally friendly multi-purpose offshore open sea farm, based on a modular floating structure, where aquaculture and renewable energy production systems are integrated and engineered for profitable applications in the open sea. The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program, and is presented by a consortium of 14 partners from 5 EU countries (RINA, Fincosit, SAFIER, The University of Strathclyde, The Natural Ocean Engineering Laboratory – NOEL, SAGRO AQUACULTURE, Chlamys srl, SAMS, Wavenergy.it LTD, Ecole Centrale de Nantes, Treelogic, TECNALIA, Politecnico di Milano, Ditrel Industrial S.L.).

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OTTO is the first housing company designed with living in mind. Because OTTO believes everyone deserves access to higher quality, more affordable housing that meets the demands of contemporary life and work. Through a unique combination of ground up modular build, machine learning, and adaptive reuse, OTTO will transform housing in America. OTTO communities will be walkable, equitable, diverse. They are designed to foster connection, inclusivity, and above all else to help residents thrive. Simply put, OTTO aims to reimagine the fabric of the American suburb, this time with community, affordability and sustainability at its core. A better way to live. A new place to call home.

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Makrolab, a project conceived by the artist Marko Peljhan, was a complex systemic environment and machine to explore global communications, weather/climate and migrations systems as the three complex and interrelated domains that define the inner workings of holistic planetary systems. Suffice it to say that this was a project that was well ahead of its time both in understanding the complexity of the interrelated global systems as well as its transdisciplinary reach, which encompassed telecommunications research, open source software development (dyne.org) as well as complete autonomy through alternative energy systems for long duration sustainability, water production and waste management. An architecture machine like no others. As part of sustainable revolution, we are presenting the satellite self-portrait of the lab from space realized in 2003 as well as the model of the mkIIex architecture and its evolution.

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Architect firm Coldefy, protagonist of the Biennale’s Official Collateral event “Tropicalia”, will show Novaxia’s Wonder Building. The project is a technical feat and meets the highest environmental requirements. This 27.000m2 building has a concrete, metal and wood structure with numerous cantilevers, but the vast majority of it is wood – chosen for its low carbon qualities. 20.000m2 of cross-laminated wooden floor and 200m3 of wooden pillars absorb 739kg of CO2 during the lifecycle of the building, while also allowing a lighter structure and swift execution of the build, as these elements are prefabricated and assembled on site.

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Founded in 2021, CCD – Creative Cluster Development is a creative industry accelerator with the purpose of generating artistic/creative hubs from empty and closed building, therefore promoting Bespoke Happiness. In the past six months they decided to take the project global: at the moment different venues around the world are being analyzed and in advance negotiations to be turned into these vessels that together with an advance online platform will be able to sell all of the wonderful creations produced by artists. Furthermore, a percentage of the revenue created by CCD will be destined to collaborate with crucial causes and NGOs around the world.

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